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About Aikido

Welcome to Pinner's premier Aikido club.

The History of Aikido

O Sensei - The founder of Aikido

Master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) founded the way of Aikido in the early 1900's.

After mastering many traditional fighting arts he devised his own techniques that did not depend on physical strength, by incorporating circular motions that blend with the energy of the attacker.

He developed the art of Aikido as a way to deflect away an attack without necessarily having to inflict harm upon the aggressor. Aikido is sometimes referred to as the art of non-fighting as no attempt is made to re-engage with the attacker to continue or escalate a fight.

The Meaning of the word Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese word made up of three characters or kanji.

The first kanji "AI" means "to come together, meet and harmonise".
The second kanji is "KI" means "the spirit (of the universe) or soul".
The third kanji is "DO" means "the way or the path".
This can be seen in other Japanese arts like Kendo, Judo and Budo.