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Kai Shin Kai

Welcome to Pinner's premier Aikido club.

About Kai Shin Kai

The Kai Shin Kai is a traditional school of Aikido registered with the Aikido Alliance UK.

The KSK also uses the central base of Quarrendon and Meadowcroft Community Centre in Aylesbury HP19 9HH for major courses throughout the year using senior Instructors from within Kai Shin Kai and occasionally inviting senseis from Japan, Italy and America.

Quarrendon and Meadowcroft Community Centre is also used for KSK senior gradings 1st kyu (brown belt) and Dan (black belt).

Kai Shin Kai Style

KSK practices traditional Aikido in the manner of Hombu Dojo (Tokyo), where senior Shihan all have distinctive styles but nevertheless all follow the path of starting as a triangle, moving as a circle and finishing as a square (posture, movement and stability). That is, the KSK recognises that there are many ways of expressing both basic and advanced Aikido, none being incorrect as long as the tenets of Aikido as taught by O-Sensei are followed.

Kai Shin Kai History

Kai Shin Kai - formerly called `Yamarashi' - was founded in the 1960's by Mike Smith who was awarded his Nidan by Tielemans Sensei of Belgium. Shortly thereafter, Mike affiliated KSK to the British Aikido Association as a traditional group autonomous to, but working closely with the Tomiki-Kai. The BAA is recognised by the Japan Aikido Association - which later ratified future Dan promotions within the KSK.

In 1994 the KSK left the BAA to establish itself as a separate school recognised by the BAB. Mike Smith resigned from the KSK in December 2002 to reform his own group in the BAA. The KSK left the BAB in July 2021Bill Harris (7th Dan) is presently the Chief Instructor/Chief Examiner and Vincent Sumpter (6th Dan) is the Treasurer/Technical Advisor.